Anyone recommend any Online tutorials??

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I started Level 4 on AQ13 passed Budgeting, Cash Mgt, Credit Control and ISYS project on AQ13. Unfortunately struggled to pass Financial Performance and never got round to attempting Financial Statements. Had to transfer onto AQ16 making my ISYS project worthless!!!!! Still mad about that! Have now attempted both MDLC & FSTM and failed currently doing my tuition for the PDSY and take that exam 1/10 (can’t wait after reading all the comments on here!).
My big issue is I found MDLC horrendous, did FSTM the other day definite fail but know where I need to improve. Does anyone know where I can view some online tuition videos for both MDLC & FSTM. I used to be able to see the Kaplan Live Online videos when I was a classroom student but now Kaplan moved me across to AQ16 they class me as a Distance Learner for those two modules. I have asked for live online recordings even the old syllabus would be useful but they have refused to give me anything saying if I wanted to view the videos I’d have to re-enrol on those modules! I’ve searched the internet to know avail and wondered if anyone out there could point me in the direction of some good videos. I just want to be able to watch / hear a lecturer demonstrating where figures should go etc... I desperately want to get this awful level 4 out of the way it’s been stressing me out for far too long!


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    Hi Enm1976,

    Sorry to hear you were not yet competent with MDLC & FSTM, I failed my FSTM first time and passed on the second attempt, I am yet to resit MDLC (Which I know I'll dread!).

    PDSY I found hard (another resit is required!, however I sat that back in May when it was on the old pre-release material and from the AAT figures was extremely hard. I know from August the new pre-release material is being examined which I have been informed is more friendly! :)

    I do not know of any free online lectures/webinars without having access to paid support from a training provider. What about on the study support section of the AAT website, I know they have elearning slides and some recorded lectures for the various units.

    You seem very determined to continue your Level 4 journey, have you enquired as to the cost of re-enrolling on those subjects? or even considered another training provider for more support/access to lectures.
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