Waiting time for UACS results

Hi all

Earlier today i sat my UACS exam

I know AAT state the result will be confirmed no later than 6 weeks, but can anyone confirm if the results normally come in earlier?

I have my synoptic booked for Mid October and as it currently stands, i might get me UACS result on the day of sitting the Synoptic exam!!


  • elsgreenelsgreen Posts: 4Registered
    Hi, just got mine today on 5th Friday after sitting it, and think 5 weeks is common for this one. Good luck!
  • thelowendtheory18thelowendtheory18 Posts: 98Registered
    Cool, thanks for confirming!

    I don't know if its me but i'm finding the 'Working effectively in finance' unit extremely boring to study.......

    The 'Kaplan' study text on this unit is very wordy!

    Best of luck to you for your future studies!!!!
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