Level 4 synoptic

How is the level 4 synoptic laid out? How many sections are there? How many tasks? Is it true that they pull questions from all levels? Is 2 hours enough time? Is it a good idea to seek help and advice if worried about content and how much to type?


  • Norvydas
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    @mighty18 I believe Level 4 Synoptic is 3 hours long not 2.

    To see the layout, go and do some mock exams through AAT, the layout will be exactly the same (of course questions will be different). There are 6 tasks, out of 6 tasks 4 are written (I think), therefore you need to have excellent writing skills and be able to write constructive paragraphs. When you writing about something, always back up what you're saying, it can be done either by numbers or by information given in case scenario.

    Make sure you're familiar with case scenario before you attempt the exam. You will be able to view the case scenario in the exam, however if you know it before the exam this will help massively. The whole exam will be based on the case scenario given (you can view case scenarios through AAT study support). Case scenario which has "Live practice assessment" written, means that your exam will be based on this scenario.

    Level 4 is not out of all levels, it's out of all units in level 4, therefore I would recommend to have good knowledge of all mandatory units in Level 4 before you attempt the Synoptic (it's not necessary to know the units beforehand as some people have taken synoptic 1st and passed it without attempting other units but it all depends how knowledgeable you are).

    In regards of seeking for additional help, it's difficult to answer whether you should or not as it's very dependent by each one of us. Some of us pass it without extra help just purely revising and that's it, however other people can seek help from tutors or sign up to special courses which prepare you for Level 4. At the end of it, it all comes to a) how much money you want to spend b) how comfortable you feel with other units in Level 4.

    There isn't much you can revise for Level 4 apart from your writing skills, as whole exam is based out of units you've already studied (and assuming you've passed) therefore if you still remember those units then theory wise you should be fine, you just need to be comfortable to put everything in constructive sentences and don't forget to back up your answers as this is massively important!

    Good luck, don't panic and you will be alright!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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