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AAT Level 2 - How do the exams work?

I am currently studying Level 2 and about to book my exam fo rthe first unit, Bookkeeping Transactions.

I've read some mixed things online about how the exams work but this is my general idea..

After every unit you take an exam where you will get the results instantly (computer assesed), you will then sit the synotpic assesment which is questions from all previous units which is human/computer marked so you will get the results in 4-6+ weeks.

Is this right? is there anything else I need to know?

Also, I read somewhere the percentage you get on every unit counts towards your final grade? Like if you get 90% on the first unit then 70% on the next then that will count towards your final grade? Although I can't find where I read that so I'm not even sure if I've just made that up..

It would be great if someone could confirm this all for me just so I know what I'm heading into and what to expect.


  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 265

    Yes you're correct about everything you've stated. The Level 2/3 exams are marked instantly (except synoptic). You usually get your results straight away when you finish the exam or in some cases you might need to wait for 24 hours until they appear on AAT (myself, I used to always get them straight away). Synoptic is marked by AAT assessors, and you will receive the results after 5 weeks of the synoptic window close date, i.e. if you take synoptic this Friday you will get results on Friday after 5 weeks.

    Each exam grade does count towards your final AAT result. If for example you've been averaging 90% for exam AAT exam in Level 2 then your overall grade will be around 90% i.e. Distinction. So if you are wanting to achieve a Merit/Distinction in Level 2 as a whole then in each unit you need to be averaging above 80% for Merit and 90% or above for Distinction.

    Level 3 is exactly the same in regards of the exam rules.

    Level 4; each exam is marked within 4-5 weeks as each exam has to be marked by AAT assessor.

    Good luck with your exams!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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