I'm not sure about my Situation regarding my AAT level 2 studies?

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Hello there i'm in a bit of a predicament and i don't what to do.

I finished my a levels last year (in 2018 to be specific) and decided university wasn't for me and an Accounting Apprenticeship was the right choice for me. I spent up until November looking for an Apprenticeship, with no luck, however i got accepted into a college that offered to take me in part time so that i could study AAT Level 2 Accounting qualification while also paying for my membership fees. At the time i thought i might as well learn something while still looking for an Apprenticeship so i took it. However the person interviewing me said they could help me get a work placement in Accounting so i stopped making looking for an Apprenticeship my main priority.

I continued with this until march with no part time job, while also looking for a Junior Accounting role or any jobs that involved Accounting on indeed or Reed (The U.K job searching websites) however i couldn't get into any interviews. I asked my college and they stated that they could only help me with obtaining a place when i finish my level 2.

My questions go:

1) Is it even worth staying in the college?
2) Should i go back into looking for an Apprenticeship?
3) the follow up question if answered yes to 2 would be should i mention how i am currently studying AAT Level 2 at college to employers of said Apprenticeship?

Ultimately is what should be the best course of action that i should take?

I'm sorry if any of this is poorly spelt or worded in a way that doesn't make any sense.

Thank you for reading.

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  • Norvydas
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    1) Depends whether you're good at self-studying and would you be motivated enough to study independently? I was in your position except I didn't want to do an apprenticeship because; 1 - waste of time, 2 - I am not going to be working for less than minimum wage.

    I have started as Level 2 with college, around 3 months into the studies I got a job offer as Finance Assistant, I decided to drop college and study independently. Finished Level 2 on my own from home. Finished Level 3/4 from home as well, studying online with Premier Training, by choosing to study from home I've saved around £3k in studies probably.

    2) Personally I would never do an apprenticeship. One of the reasons why I wouldn't is because of low pay, however the other reason is as I've mentioned is waste of time - and this is because I believe Level 3 apprenticeship is 2 years long (Please correct me if I am wrong). Now, I've finished Level 3 in 6 months and Level 4 in around 8 months by studying at home and working full time and earning decent salary.

    Some might say "yes but the experience you will get from Apprenticeship!" Well, at the end of my L4 studies I got employed by Accountancy Practise as Business & Tax Adviser, working alongside my manager who is ACCA qualified, and the workplace is now training me up how to do accounts & they are also paying for my ACCA studies with no obligations + having a bonus of earning a good salary.

    I know looking for a job is hard, trust me I've been in your position, you apply for 100s of jobs, then you get an e-mail "Sorry we are looking for someone with experience" etc.. It made me think, how to I get an experience without working? Apprenticeship is not going to cut, as most employers won't take this as work experience i.e. 2 years of apprenticeship won't be equalled as someone who has worked As Accountant in practise for 2 years.

    But keep trying! There are companies who are looking for newbies so they can train them up how they like!

    Good luck!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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