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TarynPitchforkTarynPitchfork NottinghamshireRegistered Posts: 24
Has anyone else received their results for professional level exams on a Tuesday? I've received my results for FSLC today even though it's 4 weeks 5 days


  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 262

    My results always use to come through on Thursday (I used to take exams on Thursday's as well), except for Synoptic, Synoptic is always on Friday.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • Dimps92Dimps92 Registered Posts: 17
    Hope this means i get my results early! I did my exam 5 weeks ago Thursday.....Waiting in anticipation! Its the worst!
  • Dimps92Dimps92 Registered Posts: 17
    @TarynPitchfork how did you do??
  • TarynPitchforkTarynPitchfork NottinghamshireRegistered Posts: 24
    Got 90% :) I've got my Decision and Control next month...bricking it 😭
  • Dimps92Dimps92 Registered Posts: 17
    Yaay well done you! I have my decision and control on the 28th of this month. Agreed....bricking it too 😥 ive done ok on the aat practise exams but as you know they arent anything like the real thing haha good luck!!🤞
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