AAT Level 2 Synoptic Exam Please help

I have taken the synoptic exam twice and failed both times with 68% and 69%.

When I have done the practice assessments I get every question correct and I understand every question.

But, when it has come to the exam a few questions are laid out differently, especially the first question and I just haven't done as well as I had hoped.

Would it be okay if someone can give me a few tips please?

It is extremely frustrating to fail twice and wait 6 weeks both times.



  • Norvydas
    Norvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 269

    Let us know what topics you struggle with or give us an idea of what type of questions you struggle with and I believe someone will be able to help you.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • gareth1985
    gareth1985 Registered Posts: 24
    Hi Norvydas,

    sorry about the late reply I had been away for a bit.

    It's hard to explain because the questions are laid out differently. One thing I have forgotten is, how do you get the variance percentage?

    For example whatever the budget cost is compared to the actual cost. I remember you have to calculate the difference to get the percentage. I have forgotten how to go about that.

    My other question is, is it worth the time for me to revise the other topics that I have already done as well as the synoptic?

    The other topics which I passed the exams for were bookkeeping transactions, bookkeeping controls, elements of costing and using computer software.

  • cjkearns
    cjkearns Registered, AAT Student Posts: 11
    You should revise all previous exams, regardless of whether you passed. The synoptic complicates things a little more and can ask you to do several things froms several previous topics in one question. Variance is the difference between actual and budget, divided by budget multiplied by 100 for the percentage. Eg, if budget was 100 and actual was 109. Do 109-100=9. Then 9/100=0.09. then 0.09x100=9%.
    Typing from my mobile but hope this helps.
  • gareth1985
    gareth1985 Registered Posts: 24
    Thanks a lot for the help cjkearns.

    Nice one.

  • cjkearns
    cjkearns Registered, AAT Student Posts: 11
    Any time. Good luck with it all :)
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