Synoptic Budget Submission

I am really struggling with how to word the Budget Submission and knowing what they expect from you regarding the long term budget plan or planning assumptions. Does anyone have any tips on answering these?


  • Staceydanielsx
    Staceydanielsx Registered Posts: 40
    Hi Sammy, I was wondering if you had any advice on this? Thank you, Stacey
  • Dorota_1680
    Dorota_1680 Registered Posts: 59
    Hi ! My exam is in 2 weeks time and it would be mine 3rd attempt so worried that I may still fail this time round. I have revised using Osbourne, Kaplan and BPP books for the other two attempts and still failed. I have question re. Budgeting written task as I have found it completely different to the one I have seen it in study materials. Do you have any useful practice budgeting example to help me with this written tasks? Do you need to refer to pre-release materials to answers all written tasks in the exam?
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