Hi all, I studied level 2 with pitman back in 2011 but never got to sit my exams. I'm starting again from foundation level so I can refresh and get back into studying(I'm 40 so not studied anything for years!) I remember most of it but I'm still struggling to take most of it in. I can do the 'test your understanding' sections but I'm have difficulty explaining it properly when writing it down so its making me frustrated big time as I know I can do it but my answers don't match up with what I written in the book if you know what I mean(told you I can't explain things lol).
I know accuracy is important but can't put my explanations down on paper so they make sense.


  • Duchess1
    Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 81
    it can take a little while to get back into studying mode, but keep at it. It will get easier. The writing bit really isn't important until you do level 4. You should be fine!
  • Chubbylover
    Chubbylover DerbyRegistered Posts: 5
    Thanks, I'm getting far too frustrated but I'm determined to keep at it!
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