How do you revise for Synoptic Level 3?!?!?

Hi guys,

I've been revising my past work (bookkeeping etc.) and thats going okay I guess. I have been going over spreadsheets but i dont know how to revise for it effectively because the AAT one looks very difficult and my exam is in 2 weeks.

Someone please help!!
Thanks in advance

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  • KLMKLM AAT Student Posts: 26
    Hi @mcchoc

    Do you mind me asking why you suggest never going back through the paper? I have the synoptic exam next, and have always gone back through the paper on my previous exams (even when I haven't flagged anything - I do this to check my answers), so wondered why this would be different?

  • Duchess1Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 56
    Excel excel excel!
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