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It's my first post on AAT forum. Signed up yesterday. I have come to say thank you so much to everyone who has posted info and explained the AAT assessments papers tasks with breakdown n other info on this unit . I study management and decision unit back in Jan & Feb.. I found it very difficult and before I could attempt exam. My next course started Financial statement. Which I did exam and passed. I never had time to go back to MDCL.. As I started doing optional units straight after . I passed all 4 units and now I had no choice other then to attempt MDCL exam before i can go ahead n book Synoptic exam . I had been struggling so much with revision and didn't know where to start. I came across this forum and started going through posts on the this unit .. N examiner report to make the start. It did helped alot.
I sat Management decision and control exam yesterday, i was very nervous especially reading how difficult people find this exam.
Overall exam wasn't too bad similar to mock assessment but one task particularly really struck me, not giving content away it was re seasonal variations, trends etc. Which I thought it was the easiest section 😞
I want to sit synoptic exam in Nov but just hoping I pass this unit first . I'll be happy if I get 70% n will be relieved .. Otherwise i will have to do all the revision again :( I'm little nervous but will see what happens.


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    Hi Ishrat,
    I agree these forums are a fantastic support aid. The MDCL exam is horrible!!! I have resat it quite a few times now..... just sat it again last week, hopefully for the final time. It does sound like you have tried your best and try and forget about it now until the result day, there is nothing you can do at this point in time! :)

    The Synoptic is a tough one, lots of content to retain from all 4 core exams, but if you do lots of practice from mock exams to the greenlight tests on all core subjects you will be fine :) - I would say make sure you are ok with writing tasks, ratios and also how to conduct a SWOT analysis.

    Wishing you well wishes for your MDCL result! :)
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    Hello, thank you so much for the advice🙂. Yes, I have noticed with MDCL unit you got to understand the concept very well and be aware what's happening, whereas with other units you could get away with somewhere with few topics as long you understand the basic.

    I will be starting with Synoptic unit revision and will be using posts from the forum to get some help :).
    Synoptic is another horrible unit. Alot of writing tasks 😢.

    Thank you🙂, yes finger crossed for MDCL but not very confident. I know I could have done better but will be very happy with pass if I can see the word competent :) . Will update in 5 weeks time.

    Have you finished with all Level 4 units?
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