Using accounting software - completely lost on how to access the downloadable Sage software

Is it me or has anyone else been utterly dumbfounded by the instructions of downloading and setting up the software?

1. I *think* I need to 'restore a back up file' prior to launching the software for the first time? The workbook say; 'Before you start some of the individual practice simulations in this course you will need to restore a specially prepared back-up file. Where this is necessary, it will be clearly indicated'. HOWEVER, when I launch the software, I get three options; 'Set up a new company', 'Use an existing company stored on your network' and 'Restore data from a back up file' - so it's not 'clearly indicated' whether I have to restore anything right at the start.

2. If I DO need to restore a specially prepared back up file, where the hell is it? The only downloadable file I can see under the 'Software' tab on the dashboard is the Sage software itself.

I have loads of other questions - but don't want to get myself any more confused than I already am at this stage. I never come across a set of instructions so completely bamboozling before in any course Iv'e done and I'm REALLY struggling with this.


  • Tabitha005
    Tabitha005 Registered Posts: 9
    OK, so I've actually now managed to set up the software. I'm now struggling with the workbook itself - the instructions aren't clear from the outset whether I should be working in the practice data set or the 'Awards Company' data.

  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 457
    For the workbook questions I'd guess the awards company data without seeing the workbook this is just a best guess. The practice is in sage by default and can be used to try things you're not sure about without risking your data set.

    For 1. I think this is referring to the workbook as in you might use a different company backup to answer some questions and it'll indicate in the workbook as necessary.
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