AQ2016 vs AQ2019?

Hi There,
I'm on the last legs of my Level 4 with only Cash &Treasury Management and another option unit, which I haven't decided on.
I was halfway through my Cash&Trreasury book AQ2016 and left it on a plane!
I live in Gibraltar and im finding it really hard to get hold of a copy of the old syllabus.
I self study and have gone to the Kaplan webiste and they no longer sell this syllabus.
If I were to purchase the 2019 version, is there much difference?

My AAT account still says 2016, will this expire at anytime? - I'm not sure how it works as I have self-studied from the beginning.
I still have another unit to pass and im worried it might expire or something!


  • mergen
    mergen Just Joined Registered Posts: 112 New contributor 🐸
    I have no idea the difference between 2016 and 2019.

    But I might have Cash&Treasury 2016 Kaplan books. I will have to check when I am back home after work.

    If you want I can send it to you, but you would have to pay for the shipping?

    Let me know.
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