Which course to take ideas?

I just wondered if people might be able to give their ideas on which course might be the most suitable for me. I've been an Admin/PA for the last twenty years. I've dealt with very basic accountancy and bookkeeping tasks over the years ie. working out payrolls, invoicing, month end, using SAP etc. but only when performing standin manager duty so i've always taught myself and learnt as i went along. I would actually like to try and gain a qualification though, foundation level, just to try and help on the career path as some jobs require me to have more knowledge of the financial side of things.
So my question is do you think i would be better doing the Foundation Bookkeeping course or a Foundation Accountancy course. I'm not really sure which one would benefit an office staff member/Manager more to have.
I know this might sound a rather dim question from someone who has run an office but due to fees i would like to get it right first time!


  • Duchess1
    Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 81
    The college where I did the course recommended foundation accountancy, but I can't remember the reasoning for this. As you have prior knowledge, you could probably start at level 3. Or just get the books for level 2 and you would get through this very quickly.
  • Midlander80
    Midlander80 Registered Posts: 2
    Brilliant, thank you Duchess for the help
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