Hello! I am sitting my synoptic a week today (arghhh!!). I have done cash and treasury, budgeting, decision and control and financial statements but just wondered if anyone has a complete list of all the ratios we need for this exam as they seem to have all mixed a bit during my past exams.

Also, any last min tips would be appreciated!!

Thank you


  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 471
    You will want to know all the ratios from budgeting, decision and control and financial statments as you could be asked for any of the ones from those modules. (They overlap heavily so isn't too many)

    From what i remember most of them are fairly intuitive so shouldn't be too bad.
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  • MissFinance
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    Hi hun I have created a youtube video around the main ratios that you need to learn, I have left a link here for you: it is all around ratio analysis. If you ever have any further queries in future then feel free to join my facebook study support group https://www.facebook.com/groups/813116915891471 "study support for AAT students" as I am always happy to help x
  • Vicvic
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    Hi @jadeterry learning portal has a document called professional diploma in accounting-qualification specification. This doc has a list of ratios. And everything that will be included in you exam. I used it to draft my ratio list, sorry I can't upload it as it is pinned to my wall 😆.
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