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Do AAT assessments happen in Tier 3 areas?

Hi Everyone,

As of tomorrow (NYE, nice!) my part of the world will be within Tier 3.
I'm planning out my Level 4 studies - including the exams.
So my question is, to those who are sill, or who have been in Tier 3 areas - are AAT assessments still carried out? Is it dependent on the assessment centre?

(and lightheartedly - as the only part of the country in Tier 1, is there an AAT assessment centre somewhere on the Isles of Scilly? =) )


  • rosieobrienrosieobrien Registered Posts: 26
    AAT have recently announced that all AAT Assessments can continue, understanding that the exam centre meets all Government guidance to be able to safely deliver the exams.

    EMA Training, based in Derby, has remained open since July, despite various different types of restrictions, and still remains open for external exams today! We have even been quoted as "one of the safest education centre's" since COVID-19!

    For more information, please visit our website : ematraining.co.uk 😊
  • livintivlivintiv Registered Posts: 31
    Thanks for the reply Rosie, although Lockdown 3 did kind of make the question moot!

    Fortunately the assessment centre I use (I'm a bit far away from Derby - and from what I've heard of the local police constabulary, they'd never let me in, let alone out!) is still running assessments too.
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