Hi I'm hoping to sit synoptic once my college will be reopen. I am so worried (like before every exam) AAT creat questions in very treaky way, I was struggling with every single exam but passed in the end.
Anyway did someone sit/passed recently Level 3 synoptic? if so what questions did you have? it was similar to AAT sample assessment? Please help .....


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    Hi Annaoj90.

    Generally across the AAT modules. I found that the practice exams give a good feeling of the structure. There's a lot of syllabus material so the practice questions in 2/3 practices reasonably don't cover all possibilities but the structure of the exams was close.

    Just a heads up as well you can't discuss actual exam content only what can be deduced from other material/questions.

    I'm afraid I took the exam a while ago but the structure then for the practices was:

    Section based on the ethics module.
    Section based on other modules (not VAT) probably with some form of explanation of accounting concepts.

    Section on spreadsheets.

    I hope this helps
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    Thank you, that’s really helpful 😉
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