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In need of questions

Hi, I wrote my synoptic last year and I failed ,, and now I am preparing to write in April. Please pass me questions related to veggie delights from your exam kits please. Please I dont have any books with me and I cant afford to buy new ones please help me

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  • 350b350b Registered Posts: 11
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    Full self studier here, like wise situation but I used my money to purchase books. I use a lot of AAT related resources on YouTube. There are quite a few pages on guidance, its a particularly hard exam as you know. Anything can come up, so preparation of the core units mentioned in the examiners report would be useful. I apologise this comes rather late.

    Also try to not just memorise information, try to relate it to real life situations. This will help your understanding of a topic rather than just giving generalised responses.

    I am sorry I couldn't help any further, I wish you the best.

    TASK 2 / TASK 6
    LO3 - Demonstrate how budgeting can improve organisational performance

    TASK 2
    LO1 - Analyse a range of costing techniques to support the management accounting function of an organisation

    TASK 2 / TASK 4
    LO2 - Calculate and use standard costing to improve performance

    TASK 4 / TASK 5 / TASK 6
    LO4 - Use approbate financial and non-finical performance techniques to aid decision making

    TASK 4 / TASK 6
    LO5 - Evaluate a range of cost management techniques to enhance value and aid decision making

    TASK 5 / TASK 6
    LO1 - Demonstrate an understanding of reporting framework and ethical principles that underpin financial reporting

    TASK 5
    LO5 - Interpret financial statements using ratio analysis
  • 350b350b Registered Posts: 11
    Accepted Answer
    @Lolo AHHHH HA!! I found something for you, some free resources on this like. I Hope this helps!!!

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