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SAGE for using accounting software

Hi, I'm currently doing level 2 of the aat.

I'm on the 4th module, using accounting software and the biggest problem is i don't have access to SAGE or any accounting software as I'm self learning.

Anyone been in a similar position, did you have to get SAGE or something similar to practice for the exam? Or did you manage just fine in the exam without using the software before hand?

Thank you to anyone who can help!
Thanks for any


  • clareasmithclareasmith Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Nadia

    I did the AAT2 Using Accounting Software recently. It is possible to download Sage 50 for a 30 day trial period. You need to register with Sage as a student. The version that I downloaded was Sage50AccountsV23September2016Improvements.exe and was very similar to the version I had in the exam. One issue is that you can only use one company at a time so I would have to do a question using a company I set up and then restore my data back to my starting point to set up a new company for the next question. Apart from this I had no problems.

    I would definitely recommend doing this. I think it would be very hard to do the exam without any practice.
    Please ask if you have any more questions.
  • nadia48nadia48 Registered Posts: 10
    Thank you so much! I downloaded it a few days ago.
    How do you restore data to the the starting point? I have been trying to delete the company I was using to add a new company but can't seem to do so.
  • clareasmithclareasmith Registered Posts: 2
    I can't give you actual specifics as I can't look at mine now as my 30 days has expired.
    I think that I took a backup close to the beginning at the point when I have set up the company details but before I started to put my customer data in (so it would be a backup of no transactions, customers or suppliers). Then I could restore back to a position where I just had the basic details of the company. I would then overwrite the previous company details with the new company details that I needed for the next question.
    It is possible that if you are unable to get back to that position I described you could maybe just reinstall Sage using the same licence key as you would still be within the 30 days.

    Also a tip would be to keep taking backups throughout the question as you may find you mess up at some point and it is easier to go back . .You are able to restore from backup in the exam.
    Good luck ... please ask if you have any more questions....
  • nadia48nadia48 Registered Posts: 10
    Thank you so much, that's very helpful!
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