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Hi Guys,

Quick one - I am starting my L4 studies after completing L3 however what is the normal sequence of exams - Complete all exams and then complete the synoptic or complete the mandatory modules then the synoptic after that complete the two optional modules?

Many Thanks



  • Krisso
    Krisso Registered Posts: 39
    Think you possibly have to take the mandatory before the optional. My study provider won’t send the optional units until I have passed the first for exams.
  • TomClark99
    TomClark99 Registered Posts: 8
    So do you know if you need to complete the synoptic and then complete the optional courses or the other way around?
  • Krisso
    Krisso Registered Posts: 39
    Not sure but as my study provider won’t provide me the optional units until I have taken the synoptic I would say no.
  • TomClark99
    TomClark99 Registered Posts: 8
    Thank-you! Tom
  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 464
    You can do them in any order. (Apart from the synoptic) I did my optionals in the middle as they were more useful than the management modules at the time I was studying them. Synoptic you can do as soon as the 3 main modules are done.
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  • LeapyUK
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    Good luck whichever way you choose.

    I did my optional units first at college then we went onto the main ones.
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