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Good afternoon everyone,.
I am at the end of level 2. Ready for the synoptic exam and I am searching for work experience.
I want to volunteer while going trough level three. Luckily my days off are aways on Monday and Thursday so to me it seems very possible. I made research who are the accounting practices in Glasgow where I am based and already sent a few emails. Nobody answer.
So how should I approach accounting firm I am interested in? Does it worth to try in person?
Is it wise to mention in my cover letter that I am not expecting payment, but I want to learn?
My other thought is that as close to the end of the financial year we get as less chance I have.
So this is it, any advice and recommendations are welcome, thank you.


  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 464
    Hi Elen

    I was in a similar situation. I eventually asked in person at a small local firm and this got me in the door.
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