Do failed exams show up on statement of achievement or dashboard?

I am due to sit a budgeting exam, not likely to pass but would like to sit for the experience. Wondering if it shows up on statement of achievement or the results dashboard?


  • _Jordan_
    _Jordan_ Registered Posts: 16

    I'm not certain but if you fail, I don't think it shows up on your statement of achievement.

    The easiest way to view your assessment achievements is to log in to MyAAT and scroll down and click 'Your Assessment Results'. All assessment results will show up here, even if you failed. You will see the percentage you achieved and you need 70% to pass.

    I wish you luck in your exam. Try using the AAT practice assessments before you sit the exam. These are somewhat easier than the real exam but this is to be expected. They are incredibly useful for helping you to know what to expect from each task and also help you to get used to navigating around the online format of the exam.

    Be sure to check the date your results will be available. This is usually around 5-6 weeks after you sit the exam and results are always released on a Thursday.

    Good luck! Let me know how it went as I am due to sit the Budgeting exam in October.
  • Jamesmum
    Jamesmum Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks Jordan, I found the practice assessments difficult, the exam was easier but I still have no clue how to do some of the tasks. I am practising with the Kaplan exam kit but the questions are too easy in comparison with the exam.
  • _Jordan_
    _Jordan_ Registered Posts: 16
    No problem :) I'm taking the exam on Wednesday and I'm using the Kaplan exam kit. I always expect the exam to be harder but hopefully it's not too much more difficult. I think the writing questions are the ones I'm most nervous about!
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