My exam ran out of time before I submitted?

This is a bit of a technical question, so I'm not sure if anyone would actually know the answer for sure.

Today I did my level 4 synoptic. I had about 3 seconds left and clicked submit, however, that box came up asking me to tick that I understand. So, whilst this box was on the screen, my time ran out, but the box remained. I clicked that I understand and submitted, and I'm sure it took a while longer than my other exams have done to go through.

I'm just thinking, will that have submitted my exam twice? Do my questions automatically get sent once my time expires anyway? Or do you still have to submit your answers if your time expires?

I just hope I didn't cause a glitch, and my answers were submitted OK (not twice).


  • AnaGray
    AnaGray Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, this happened to me before. the time out will submit your work up to the point you have been “kicked out”, just once.
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