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Hi everyone

I'm mid way through Aat level 3. I've been told it's very difficult to get a pain job at this level, which is fine by me. I'm looking to gain voluntary work? How do I go about this? Do I apply via recruitment website or physically go to business and ask if they would take me on? On the other hand, would it be worth it applying for temp job as finance assistant?

Very confused about how to gain experience.


  • sjtoomer
    sjtoomer Registered Posts: 32
    I am busy applying on various Jobs Web-Sites, for non-voluntary work, but I don't know any decent Accounting/Finance-specific Job Agencies in my region (East Yorkshire). Yes, I too am suffering from the chicken-and-egg problem of experience and job application. I don't think there are that many voluntary Accounting/Finance jobs; possibly see if any Charities or Clubs want a book-keeper, if you don't mind working for nowt (or relatively very little)???
  • bobby_wilson
    bobby_wilson Registered Posts: 9
    I have offered to help out with finance with the local cub scouts where my daughter goes, as an understudy sort of role with the main finance co-ordinator!
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