Can students start L4 without completing L3 ?

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Not an ideal scenario but I have been asked this frequently over the past few weeks and especially after AVSY this week. I'm thinking they can't. Can anyone confirm the current AAT rules?

Many thanks.


  • amandacavanagh
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    I've just looked at the level 4 spec and this is the quote:

    "5.5 Are there any prerequisites for this qualification?

    AAT does not set any prerequisites for the study of this qualification.

    However, for the best chance of success, we recommend that students begin their studies with a good standard of English and maths. Professional accountants work at the very heart of business and are expected to be able to communicate clearly and appropriately to a given audience. Ideally, students should also have completed the AAT Foundation and Advanced level qualifications."

    I guess the key word is ideally. I had a girl who came straight on to level 4 a few years ago without having done 2 or 3 and we checked before she applied that it was permissible. That's as I read the current standards too so if they aren't successful in the synoptic I would assume they could still start level 4 and retake in Sept/Oct.
  • AlisonSwanson
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    Thank you. I had it in my head that if you hadn't done any Level 3 assessments you could start Level 4, but if you have started Level 3 you have to complete before moving in. I'll double check with the AAT. I'm just worried if AVSY doesn't change, then some students might never pass L3!
  • ValeFT
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    Given the debacle with the AVSY, we've advised students who've performed very well on all other units but not quite passed the Synoptic exam, just to move on to Level 4.
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