Any point in re-sitting MDCL?

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My students have just had their MDCL results in from 12th June so no uplift. Our results are rubbish - around 50% pass rate - although bizarrely ranging from 40% to 97%. Some students who usually do well are in the 40%-45% range with much weaker students scoring around 70%. The difficulty of the questions asked is clearly a lottery between students.
Has anyone had students pass a MDCL resit?
I don't want to enter students if I'm just setting them up to fail again.


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    Well I have finally had a chance to sit down and examine my student feedback from the MDCL exam they sat in June- a few of my brighter students got SIGNIFICANTLY BELOW for EVERY SINGLE TASK and a couple more weren't much better.

    How can students who have so far passed their first 3 assessments; Financial Statements, Budgeting and Personal Tax, on the first attempt be getting scores like this on MDCL?

    Why is the time pressure, difficulty and complete ambiguity of questions on this assessment still so out of synch with the rest it the syllabus?

    We scheduled this assessment at the end of the year, learned as much as we could from other student feedback, allocated extra teaching time until we felt our students had a very good grasp of the subject, and still get results like this.

    What on earth can we do differently to help these students prepare for their re-sits apart from pray that they get a nicer selection of questions?

    Sitting AAT exams should not be such a lottery. Questions need to be of a consistent level of difficulty between students so that they all have an equal chance of succeeding. This quite clearly is still not happening with this assessment.

    End of rant - for the moment!!
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