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Hi all. Now, I was aware of the issues surrounding the MDCL exam on the new AQ2016 standards. At the latest regional network event I was led to believe the issues surrounding the sheer level of difficulty had been resolved.
I have had around 13 students come out of the exam today, all stressing how horrendous the exam was. The general feedback was that the questions were written in a style that bared no resemblance to anything seen before.
Apparently, many questions were set in way by, if you get part a wrong, this spirals through into b, c and d etc.
Overall, just many disgruntled students. Now maybe it's just a lot of needless panic. Will know in January.
Has anybody else recently had feedback of a similar nature? Thanks


  • StephenField16
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    I had similar feedback but relating to Cash and Treasury management.
    Until the AAT release ex-live material as practise assessments with the marking scheme attached, we will never know.
    Sorry I can't help further...depressing isn't it!
  • Andyf1802
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    Hi Stephen. Oh yes CTRM is described as atrocious by most students. It's interesting because the EV at the back end of last year told me hardly any providers delivery it in the North West. I am not surprised.
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