MDCL - wait for the new one?

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My learners are booked to sit MDCL on 21 February. Does anybody have any thoughts about whether in the same situation they would postpone sitting it until the new exam is issued? Part of me thinks we should just go for it and, of course, my teaching schedule means we move on to Budgeting from 21 Feb. Equally, I wonder whether we should wait.... Thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.


  • StephenField16
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    I suggest your group(s) review the revised assessments, promised for 5th February.
    There has been no transparency on why another MDCL review was needed, leading to the conclusion that pass rates June to November were still on the floor. Therefore the new sample assessments should be easier / a lot clearer on the written tasks. We are told the sample (re-named practice) assessments are like the actual, so my advice would be to wait until the 5th, and to make a decision from there.
  • amandacavanagh
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    Thanks @StephenField16 . I appreciate your advice :-)
  • NicolaPerry
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    What did you decide Amanda? I put mine through the old assessment as, like you, my teaching schedule didn't allow me to postpone.
    Am I right in seeing that FOH capacity and efficiency variances have been dropped from the revised spec? Have we been told directly about this or have we been left to figure it out for ourselves? Books \ question banks and practice exams all mow out of date! Any other major changes to the unit that I should be on top of? I'm now teaching it to a second group and really hoping that the revised assessment is kinder (I'll check out the SAMs over half term)
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