AVSY Here we go again- Main 2017/18 end assessment-low pass rate

StephenField16 Registered, Tutor Posts: 39
I believe the bulk of training providers will have had their level 3 learners sit AVSY in the June window, with results out today.
More bad news for our centre- pass rate 30%. Even if the borderline fails had got an extra 5% we would still only be looking at a 50% achievement rate. Unless the national pass rate is 70%+, I believe this might be the beginning of the end for this qualification, as College's won't accept low success rates. I am really fed up of having students pass 4 units (in many cases with high 80% / low 90% marks), and then failing the synoptic.
AAT please act! I still believe too many spreadsheet skills are being tested in task 2.2.
This is an accounting qualification, not an IT qualification.
How have other centres fared? Feedback please.


  • sjs
    sjs Registered, Tutor Posts: 24
    Yes I agree we are also having issues with end dates as when they fail they then do not have a chance to resit fairly quickly our success rates for AAT have dropped significantly and the course could be under threat due to this
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