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Afternoon all,

Could someone please advise if Payments on Account are still examinable in Personal Tax, I cannot see them in the Osborne books and in the AAT specification however am still seeing some recent questions that include them.

Thank you

Malcolm ……….


  • NeilMaguire
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    Hi Malcolm

    I asked the question internally and had this response:


    Payment on account was present in the PTAX specification, however it isn’t in the current PLTX specification and so shouldn’t be assessed in the assessment.

    I am not sure what recent questions they are referring to. If you could provide me with more detail, for example was it in the new PLTX FA2018 Practice assessments or a specific task position and we can have a deeper investigation.



    I hope this helps,
  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Registered, Tutor Posts: 5
    Hi Neil,

    Many thanks for your email.

    Just to clarify I am teaching students to sit the FA2016 exam next month, is the specification linked to the FA's do you know?

    Kind regards,

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