FCA2 New Provider - When to deliver Work Effectively in Finance (WEFN)

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Hello, we are delivering the FCA2 for the first time this year and I am considering the best place in the sequence of delivery for WEFN. Originally I was going to deliver it at the end of the programme in preparation for the synoptic assessment, however I am now thinking that the content would be most helpful delivered towards the beginning perhaps alongside Bookkeeping Transactions. The content of the unit serves the purpose of placing all of the other learning into context within the finance function. I would very much appreciate any thoughts on this from more experienced tutors in the delivery of this qualification. Thank-you in advance :)


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    Most of my students are apprentices, so the WEAF content is mostly already known to them from their workplace activities. I'd find it hard to scatter this content throughout the year and so tend to blitz it just before the Synoptic itself. However, when teaching L3, I do think it's wise, if IT is available, to get the class used to using Excel from day one, even transferring some BPP content into Excel and working on it on a real spreadsheet. This does seem to take away much of the dread re the L3 Synoptic. David Mc, Selby College
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