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Level 4 Synoptic - March 2017 sitting

SteveASteveA Registered, Tutor, MAAT Posts: 17
Good afternoon all,

Today (12th May 2017) is results day for the level 4 synoptic. How have your students performed? We had two sitting in the March window. Both have passed (YIPPEE), however, their % is significantly lower than any of their other exams. Has anybody have any feedback on their students?


  • JayKalleeJayKallee Registered, Tutor Posts: 92
    It's awful here. Out of 32 only 2 passed according to their feedback result slips. But around 16 passed according to % results. Very odd, looks like results were uplifted. Definitely does not reflect our past performance.
  • Mike WebsterMike Webster Just Joined Cardiff and ValeRegistered, Tutor Posts: 199
    So has there been a 'silent' uplift? AAT over to you.....
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • SteveASteveA Registered, Tutor, MAAT Posts: 17
    Hopefully the AAT will comment soon enough so that we can reassure our students in time for the next window. Too late for this window. A lot of damage has already been done, which is a real shame. The idea of the synoptic was good.
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