Do you think getting a distinction at Level 3 will help me find my first accounts job?

Hi there

Might be a silly question... but since the new syllabus allows us to get a pass, merit or distinction I thought I would ask whether getting a distinction at Level 3 will help my prospects at getting my first accounting role?

More about myself... I've been looking for an accounts job for a while, managed to get some interviews but faltered at the last hurdle due to lacking experience. I don't have AAT level 2 as I went straight to level 3.

My partner reckons I should stop looking for a while and concentrate on getting a distinction (I am on track) and then look for jobs after I have completed Level 3...

I see his point but the honest truth is I'm a very impatient person and I worry that if I don't find anything between May and September (not the best time to be finding a job as it's usually quiet over the summer months) that I might have to start Level 4 without experience (which is bad too).

Does anyone have any opinions on this?


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