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Has anyone else signed up to Scemes (not that's not a spelling mistake!)

I have had a telephone call this morning asking if I was interested in providing bookkeeping and payroll services to Schools. If you sign up to Scemes you are listed in their Directory for Headteachers.

It's not free to sign up, so I thought I'd see whether anyone else had heard of it and signed up before I paid out any money.



  • sheelagh
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    Bookkeeping on schools

    I have had a similar phone call - I didn't take up the offer.
    I have been involved in the state and independent school system as a parent for the last 14 years and have friends with children in many other schools. I think it would be safe to say that almost every one of those schools employs staff whose role (full time or part time) is to look after the finance department.
    I therefore considered that it was most unlikely that a school in my area would appoint a freelance / self employed bookkeeper, especially one who was not familiar with local authority accounting procedures.
    I'm not saying that it wouldn't be worthwhile where you are, but it might be worth some research to discover the likelihood of a school in your area appointing a freelance finance officer, who currently operates their payroll, and whether the practical arrangements of such an appointment would suit you.


  • Sue
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    Hi Sheelagh

    Thanks for the info. I'll try and speak to a few people in my area who are involved with Schools.

    I guess if the Directory was successful there would be a lot more businesses signed up.

  • burg
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    Also many of the applications submitted to invite tnders have strict rules.

    Most require your balance sheet value to be around £100k to be able to submit a tender

  • red_devil
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    i have been contacted by these people and have refused to become involved, as i couldn't verify who they were or anything.
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    Schemes Directory

    I signed up to this several months ago, as it seemed quite reasonably priced. Unfortunately it took to October this year for Schemes to produce the handbook and send to schools.

    So far not a single response has been received, or even a query of any nature.

    Since signing up they have constantly phoned to ask me to upgrade, or sign again for next year. So far it seems a complete waste of time and money, so obviously will not repeat the mistake
  • Sue
    Sue Well-Known Registered Posts: 217
    Scemes Directory

    Thanks everyone

    It seems from the response that it isnt worth signing up to the Directory.

    I have also spoken to a Governor of one of my local Schools today who said that the bigger Schools have someone in house to deal with bookkeeping and some of them have offered to deal with the bookkeeping for the smaller Schools as well.
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