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Is it me, or are there no separate forums for each level of study?


  • blobbyh
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    I do believe you're right there Hellen - I can't see sub-levels for the many stages either...

    ... still it's early days and we have been more than a little hard on them today...

    ... however, it's still not good enough considering the exams are only next week and bearing in mind how long they've had, there doesn't seem to have been much consideration up front for this quite major point.

    The topics are very likely to go berserk within the next few days with many people being highly unlikely to find answers to questions they've previously asked and so many threads being relegated to the preceding pages.
  • purplegirl
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    I don't like it!
  • Cullen
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    Are you a Luddite, Purplegirl?
  • purplegirl
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    Sorry?!! :crying:
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