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Hi everybody, Need some help please.

I have nearly completed my AAT technician. I have passed DFS, PEV, PCR and CM&CC. However I didn't pass the PTC exam last June and then when I sat it again in December I was unfortunately going through a lot of personal issues and had to be removed from the exam as I had a panic attack about 20 mins into the exam. Things have now settled down and I so much want to complete my AAT as I have worked so long and hard however I no longer want to sit the PTC exam. I really want to sit the audit devolved instead but am unsure how to go about progressing with this. You see I stopped attending College in June 2006 and therefore am no longer registered anywhere so I am unsure if it would be possible for me to sit the audit devolved.

Any advice would be really really helpful.

Em X


  • Gianni
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    You could go down the distance learning route? They operate whereby they send the devolved assessment out to you or your workplace. You then sit the paper in your workplace under supervision and your manager just verifies you was supervised etc.

    I did distance learning with Premier Training.
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