What if I miss the exam??

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What happens if I miss the *exam next week? Will I be able to take it next year in June around the same time as when I do the part two exam? Tried asking aat to call me back with an answer, but with no luck - I can't call them from work :(


*Sorry, I don't know the abbrevations of the exams, :001_rolleyes: but I am doing the diploma certificate and this will be the first exam I've taken for the course


  • Cullen
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    You should be able to take it next year. Why do you think you will miss it? Or have you decided to postpone it?
  • Nich
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    Hi Matthew,

    I have paid for an exam next week but do not feel confident that i will pass so i am going to 'miss' the exam and take it next June. I telephoned AAT and they assured me that i will be marked as 'absent' and it would not go down as a 'fail'.

    Hope this helps!

  • LondonMatt
    LondonMatt Registered Posts: 1,110
    Thanks for the replies. I'm not planning on missing the exam but next year I might have to, as the exam dates in December might clash with a holiday I need to take - I have to book the holiday soon and need to know that if the exam and holiday clash, I can take the exam later
  • Gianni
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    Would it not be worth just going to the exam and giving it a go anyway? Since you've paid for it you're just set to lose the money?

    I felt like this when doing the tax papers last year but went along and lo and behold I passed - it's worth a go!
  • Nich
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    i thought about it but there is no way i will pass- its PEV on Monday, i failed it in June so it would be a re-sit and i dont want 2 fails against it so i would rather do it in June when i have more time to revise.
  • acky2106
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    You can take your exams in every 6 month sitting i.e if you miss this one you just re enter Junes however, if you have already paid you may as well sit the paper. You have nothing to lose?
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