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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?



  • laurenwlaurenw Feels At Home Registered Posts: 42
    When i joined Hayes and RK Accountancy, they offered me either permenant or temp work.
    They normally have a different advisor, one for temp and one for permenant.

    So you will have the choice, you normally get more experience with temp work, but i wanted permenant so was advisered on thoses roles.

    Try having a look on the websites before you sign up, they have quite a few jobs advertised.
  • CudeyCudey Well-Known Registered Posts: 138
    Hi Matt,

    I had difficulty getting my first accounts job. When I was looking I was a young 16, and have now been working in accounts for 2 years :)

    Some places laughed at me because my age, and lack of experience and qualifications. However the two that I'd strongly recommend, who told me it would be difficult for me, but still didn't give up on me were Robert Half (brilliant customer service, very friendly, will be with you throughout your career regardless whether you're working or not) The other was Reed accountancy. Again very professional, didn't link me with as many jobs as Robert Half, but advised me well on future things such as qualifications.

    Also keep checking obvious things like papers, and even www.monster.co.uk

    Hope this helps mate, and good luck!

  • NtensityNtensity New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Hey Matt if you are looking for a accountancy job in London then PM me as I could probabaly hook you up with a few reputable agencies. Trick is to sign up to a few and then you should have interviews left right and center. :)
  • LondonMattLondonMatt Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,110
    Just to let you all know... I got a job :ohmy: :eek:

    Payments clerk, not much more than what I'm on now, but it is in some kind of accounts role :thumbup:

    Thanks for all your advice and comments guys, really appreciate it. The only advice I can give to others looking, is never give up. Apply for as many roles, and go on as many interviews as you can, you may click with the people and get lucky :001_smile:

    :lol: Haha, I can't stop smiling :lol:
  • JanJan Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 654
    Well done!

    I've been away, so I'm catching up on news, hence the late reply.

    Still smiling like a cheshire cat?
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