What's happened???

SianySiany New MemberPosts: 6Registered
What's happened to this site? Where has all the old threads gone.

I don't like change::huh:


  • TavybabeTavybabe Just Joined Posts: 3Registered
    Its the new improved AAT :001_tt2:

    Think there is a way of locating old forum postings
  • claudialoweclaudialowe Trusted Regular Posts: 275Registered
    I am sure that I saw it earlier - but I can't remember where :blushing:

  • deanshepherddeanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,809Registered
    Long overdue improvement..

    It was about time they started using a standard vBulletin forum.

    You can access old threads here but it appears that the last few weeks worth have disappeared..
  • T.C.T.C. Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,448Registered, Tutor

    Did we get warned of these changes? I missed it if we did! :huh:
  • peugeotpeugeot Experienced Mentor Posts: 624Registered
    There were postings on the old online forum about the new forums.

    I'm sure people will soon get used to the layout.

    Best wishes
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