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Dave Gardner
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Hi All,

Simple question but I wanted to make sure:

In all the previous years I've studied, pro-forma's are included in the answer paper. Is it the same with the DFS paper?

Im just finding that there is SOOO much to remember, do I need to know the exact layout of all of the financial statements word for word or will it just be a case of filling in figures on a proforma?

Thanks in advance,



  • Elena
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    Hi Dave,

    The question paper does have the proformas in, however, you will need to know the reconciliation of profit from operations to net cash flow operating activities (the workings prior to the cash flow statement) - this is not a proforma and you need to know that one by heart.

    This is all I can think of now, my mind kind of switched off a little after having taken the exam in June!

  • purplegirl
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    Just have a look at last year's question paper, surely that will tell you?
  • Elvie
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    I think Elna is correct in that the Cash Flow Reconciliation is the only one without a pro forma. The only reason I discovered this was that my tutor told all our class that there would be one for this, it was only when going through past papers yesturday that I discovered there isn't. Not Happy!. I know it was late to leave it 'til yesturday to look at past papers, but I was trying to learn the subject as a whole and not get too bogged down with past questions.

    Sorry for rambling but now the exam is sooo close I'm starting to panic.
  • Dave Gardner
    Dave Gardner Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    your not the only one Elvie. Im really ashamed to admit that before last monday I had only skimmed over the book without doing notes or the activities. (I'm a distance learner)

    I've just been promoted to a Bank to GL reconciliation manager using Oracle systems and am keen to impress. Its such a mind numbing job that by the time it was evening I just wanted to shut off in front of the TV.

    I booked all of last week and up until tomorrow of this week thinking it would be ok but its the toughest AAT unit I've done to date. It's a good job I opted just to do this paper and not two or three like some others. I did underestimate the quantity of knowledge neccesary to pass this one so im pretty worried now. :001_unsure:

    Thanks for the replies everyone and good luck tomorrow!! :thumbup:
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