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Exam Grading

JayChoJayCho Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3
Hi, I am just about to sit my first exam on tuesday and I was wondering how the papers are graded if anyone can help please?



  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    Your result comes through as either 'achieved' or 'not achieved'.

    That's all!
  • JayChoJayCho Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    is there a certain percentage needed to pass?
  • rjww85rjww85 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 20
    No you just need to show competance in Both section 1 and section 2. :thumbup1:
  • JayChoJayCho Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    ok cool, cheers guys!
  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesRegistered Posts: 465
    Don't worry if things don't balance either. Someone I know has got all the way to Technician level without having one trial balance/ balance sheet balance! Also remember there is no 'negative marking' i.e. they don't take marks off. If you make an error and then have to rework everything becuase they only mark you down once - for the original error and not for everything after that. Competence appears to be around the 60% - 65% level but I can't confirm this for certain.
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