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I Want To Ask About Report Statement Cash Flow I'm Not Study Because I Have Not Time
I Want Also About Quision In Support Booklet

Please Help




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    Your question is very hard to understand - are you asking about the Cash Flow Statement and how it is prepared?

    I appreciate that you might not have time to study, but I'm afraid that this is the only way you will be able to pass the exam. Whilst these forums are able to answer one-off type queries, they are not designed to be a substitute for study.

    In summary, IAS 7 deals with Cash Flow Statements and the cash flow statement is used to show how cash has been (a) generated and (b) used from one accounting period to the next. In the UK, accounts are prepared on the accruals basis of accounting i.e. when transactions occur, not when they are paid. The cash flow statement is an additional primary statement which shows how the cash generated from operations and other activities has been utilised.

    I'm afraid I can't go into much more detail on a thread because there is so much more to IAS 7, but the above is a basic definition of the purposes a cash flow statement serves.

    Kind regards
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