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Could somebody please explain to me when marginal relief applies in calculating corporation tax. I just can't get my head around it!!



  • Elena
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    Hi Ally,

    Sent you a PM.

  • peugeot
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    Marginal relief is given when annual profits fall between the lower limits of £300,001 and the upper limits £1,500,000.

    The limits above are shared equally between the number of any associated companies. For example if there is 1 associated company, then £300,001 becomes £150,001 and £1,500,000 becomes £750,000.

    Kind regards
  • ally
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    Thanks Steve and Zoe for your help!!

  • bryan100
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    Do remember that there are two definitions for profits:

    1.'Profits' = tax adjusted profit plus UK dividends (including tax credit received) and is used twice in the formula but is never actually taxed.

    2.Profits = tax adjusted profits which is udes once in the formula and is the figure that is taxed!
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