Your opinion of the MAC paper?!?

marie-mich1 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
I want to know what you think of the MAC paper? I dont know what to say about it. I just want to feel relieved cos it is unlike any other MAC paper i have ever seen and even after hours of having done it i feel like i have lost any hope of passing. Is it just me or does someone out there think that it was different too??

Talk about it!! :001_unsure:


  • blobbyh
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    You should be aware Marie that although the administrators haven't posted cautionary messages on the forums yet, you're generally not allowed to discuss exam papers 'in the open' until 24 hours after the sittings!

    Good luck for the results though! :thumbup1:
  • pensilnek
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    I totally agree with you.

    I spent too much time on the first section and struggled to complete the second. Usually I have about an hour to spare but I guess the pressure got to me :crying:

    I really don't think I could of passed even if I got every question that I answered correct (which is rather doubtful), my answer to 2.2b was non existent and 2.3 was so messy, i feel sorry for who ever has to mark it.

    Anyway, fingers crossed that the examiners will take pity and goodluck with the rest of you exams.
  • speegs
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    MAC - What was all that about!

    I am normally the swot of the class, but I have never seen a paper like it. What the hell was that MAC paper about? Perhaps the AAT need reminding that we are not CIMAs yet!
  • junglegirl
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    error in paper

    Did anyone notice in section 1 that the policy for calculating required closing stock stated 5 days' of following month's PRODUCTION??? I'm certain it should have said SALES, not production!! It was therefore impossible to calculate. I personally had to rush the whole paper and did not complete the final question or have time to check anything either. All because of so much time spent trying to calculate something which couldn't actually be calculated. I have brought this up with my tutor and he has advised his students to to write to the AAT if we feel that this caused a problem for us in the exam. If anyone else had problems due to this please please write to the AAT and say so.
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