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Anyone sit the MAC exam today?

anyone have trouble with Section 1 production budget?

I've had production budgets coming out of my ears over these last few days & though they were pretty easy afer doing so many. But this question seemed to be pretty badly written anyone else have trouble?


  • pensilnek
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    I'm pleased you said so.

    I spent so much time on section 1 which meant section 2 was a mess, especially 2.2b (my answer was practically non existent and probably impossible to read).

    Hopefully we're not alone and everyone thought it was a rather tough paper.
  • JoJoAlf
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    MAC disaster

    :crying::I completely agree.
    The first question was very badly worded and confusing and I wasted a lot of time trying to work out the production which determined the closing stock etc. (I didn't succeed). In the end I left it and went back to it for the few minutes remaining at the end but never managed to do it - It makes me so cross as I've spent hours practicing questions.
    I also felt that the second part of the end question in no way proved your management accounting knowledge. The first part proves your ability to apply ratios etc which was expected but why the need to redraft a Profit & Loss account and re-do a couple of ratios. What happened to proving your knowledge on management techniques, quality management, balances scorecard, etc. - Not one question on that area.
    The only good question was the standard costing.
    I feel very depressed as the paper did not give me a chance to show what I know and can do. Like you, I have spent weeks revising and practicing and was ready but I was expecting to have to draft P&L accounts in my DFS paper on Wednesday, not today!
  • srussell79
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    I spent far too much time on Section 1, and had to rush though most of the rest. its not how ths papers should be set out.

    I managed the Standard costing part no probs, i think done ok on the revised profit & loss a/c, but was pretty surpised to see it it on this paper.

    most of my class were talking about the production budget and what a load of crap it was. very badly set out for an exam paper.
  • speegs
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    If we all bulls it up....

    If we have all bullsed up our section 1 MACs will they lower the pass mark?
  • manj82
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    I spent too long on section one also, in fact so long that I had to rush section 2. I still didn't have time to finish the paper. I completely rushed the P&L part and missed out parts of the other question. I may as well not have answered that question. The ratio question, although I knew them, I messed up. Not sure if I passed section 2, and am guessing as thats what they recommended spending 105mins on, was worth more marks???

    This exam was too time pressured, I find it hard to imagine anyone finishing this paper and having time to look through there answers!:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:
  • JoJoAlf
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    Exam Feedback

    :001_unsure:The only thing to do is for as many people to complete the exam feedback form and tell it how it was!
  • speegs
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    Feed back form

    Hey JoJoAlf, We're is the exam feedback form?
  • manj82
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    Have just completed my feedback form.

    Speegs, if you go to the 'Annoucement - Discussion of Exams' thread, at the top of the forum, there is a link there.
  • speegs
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    Thanks Manj82.

    Did anyone get a really ridiculour revised RONE in section 2? Something like 260%?
  • Teresa
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    Hi Speegs

    Oh my god I thought it was just me. I got something like 267%, which I thought was so strange. I'm so glad someone else did too.
  • JoJoAlf
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    Yes, I got 260 + %.
  • marie-mich1
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    I did find the first question confusing like some of you, and everyone i've talked to at my school agrees to that too. I am really disappointed cos i have done a lot of revision for MAC and i was confident that i could deal with the questions based on the pattern in which they were interpreted in past papers. But this one...well, i must admit it was completely different in all aspects...from the phrasing of the questions to clarity of the questions.

    Dont know about all of you but i have already sent my feedback 'to the AAT team and i expect that my contribution and that of all of you who experienced difficulty with the exam are taken into consideration and reflect in the results when they come out.

    Good luck!!
  • Steven Rainbird
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    Agreed. First section was way too long and hard to understand. The rest was fairly straightforward. I am used to sailing through the AAT exams and leaving early but there was no chance of that this time. Plus I had to really rush my longer written answers later in the paper which can't be good. I hope my examiner has experience cracking code because my handwriting left a fair bit to be desired !
  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854 Epic contributor 🐘
    We must all complete the exam survey as our comments are passed on to the examiners.
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