BT - Marginal relief formula


I am just looking over my notes before the BT exam tomorrow and I have noticed that the formula is slightly different in two sets of my notes.

The formula is = Fraction (11/400) x (M-P) x I/P

In one set of my notes I have down that 'I' is PCTCT and in the other it shows that 'I' is the FII. Could anyone clear this up for me?

Thanks :-)



  • Yazi
    Yazi Registered Posts: 225 ? ? ?

    'I' is PCTCT

    All the best for tomorrow. I will be glad when its all over.

  • *Sarah*
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    Thanks very much Yas! :-)

    Good luck for tomorrow too :-)

    Sarah x
  • bryan100
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    I is profit chargeable to CT, P is PCPVCT plus FII (UK divs grossed up)
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