How are exams marked for in/competency??

marie-mich1 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
Who would know how the markers determine that a candidate is competent? Is it by question, by section, by the number of correct answers that the candidate has on his paper??

And who else found the MAC paper complicated? I am pondering too much on this exam and i am very worried cos the resullt might not be favourable this time around. Who else feels that way about the MAC paper particularly?


  • joyride
    joyride Registered Posts: 62 Regular contributor ⭐
    I wish they would give us proper feed back on our papers so we'd know what we passed and didnt.
  • Devilishbird
    Devilishbird Registered Posts: 56 Regular contributor ⭐
    The AAT do help a little by at least narrowing it down to the section either 1 or 2. This can help a bit especially if your not feeling too confident on that particular section. As for being competant they assess this by seeing if the candidate has got a good understanding of what has been asked and what they should be doing. They are not looking for perfect answers, I know my past exams haven't been, but if you show ingenuity on a paper where you didn't quite get the right answer but demonstrated that you understood the question they take these on board :-)
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