DFS Dec 06

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I've worked it out now!


  • Devilishbird
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    I think you might be looking at the wrong answer. The advertising is to be allocated to Distribution costs and your answer has used Administrative expenses.
    I remember doing this practice paper and it is pretty straight forward.

    The answer should be:

    Dr Distribution costs
    Cr Accruals

    As it will be classed as a cost to be accrued as no invoice has been received before the ETB was prepared.
    Hope that makes sense, if not let me know
  • mowzer
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    You're looking at the wrong answer, the fourth journal down is:

    DR Distribution costs 57
    CR Accruals 57

  • sloshed
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    Think you are getting a bit confused. The answer is

    DR Distrubtion Costs 57
    CR Accruals 57

    The 79 relates to point 4 in your additional data
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    Lol i think the stress is getting to everyone
  • joyride
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    lol see what state PEV has left me in!
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