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Has anyone noticed that HMRC have stopped issuing the blue 'no PAYE payment received for the period' letter with a 'nil return' tear off slip?

Instead they appear to be issuing pink warning letters straight away.

Had a quick chat with Shipley Accounts Office (whom you can now get through to fairly easily on their new number 0845 366 7816) and they have scrapped the tear-off slips in favour of pointing you towards the following weblink:

Here you just enter the payment reference and make a nil declaration.

Handy for all those £5k salary directors who fail to send you their payslip booklet!



  • peugeot
    peugeot Registered Posts: 624
    I think this will be extremely useful for our payroll lady who deals with a lot of the £5k directors. Thanks for providing this link, Dean.

    Best wishes
  • JonC
    JonC Registered Posts: 7 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Yes, thanks i will be passing on to our lady too!
  • claudialowe
    claudialowe Registered Posts: 275
    Thanks for that Dean - I am still waiting for a yellow book since April this year for a £5K director :mad2: I must have spent hours on the phone asking for duplicates, which they promise me are in the post.....

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