PCR Thursday

hunter Registered Posts: 54 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi. does anyone think there will be some surprises with this exam on Thursday, PEV was so scarey on Monday I dont feel able to do any revision for PCR at all, brain slowly dying!!!!!!:001_unsure:


  • Celtic Angel
    Celtic Angel Registered Posts: 17 New contributor 🐸
    Yep I think if they're willing to throw that at us first thing on a Monday morning then we better be braced and ready for tomorrow's exam! I think we're all maxed out on revision and past papers and answers changing by the hour on the website but all we can do is keep our little fingers and toes crossed and hope that they've been a little kinder than they were on Monday!

    No doubt we'll all be here tomorrow afternoon discussing the same!

    Good luck for tomorrow - I have a feeling we are all going to need it!
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